Urban Mining in Eindhoven

Challenge: How can citizens share, collect and use data for re-use.

In the world of sustainability and circularity, the result / the back of the problem is often looked at, including waste (of e.g. energy / raw materials). What could/would you contribute on the front end, so preventing the problem?

  1. Fine-tuning, for example, to the residual flows of restaurants and catering, which are insanely high. When you see what is unconsciously wasted on food here, also think of, for example, peels / cutting residues from food sources.
  2. Another large volume of waste comes from renovation in private houses. Containers in the street are filled with a variety of materials, including doors, wooden panels, kitchen and bathroom furniture, glass, metal pipes and more. The value that is wasted is enormous.
  3. E-waste is a ever-growing concern because of the big economic value this material cycle represents.
    Global E-waste monitor (PDF)
    How to relate data with behavior and policies?