Mobility Hackathon

The weekend of 8 and 9 October 2022, Stadslab Eindhoven becomes a vibrant pressure cooker for developing new and surprising solutions for challenges in the world of urban mobility.

What is the impact of digitization on our mobility, what can the concept of the 15-minute city mean, which problems have priority: the bicycle first; shared mobility; car-free city center; citizen science; parking; climate neutral; AI powered blockchain?

We invite everyone to join this exciting weekend in a dynamic innovation competition!
Free registration (required).

More information and contact:
The hackathon will be English spoken.

At the start of the Hackathon challenges and pitches are presented live. Any participant may pitch their own idea or challenge within the theme Mobility.


1. Urban shared mobility network

We strive for a city that is safe and easily accessible for everyone, with an eye for sustainability and a well-maintained public space for living, moving and meeting in the streets. However, the city cannot grow and become more sustainable without a mobility transition. This means more walking, cycling, use of public transport and shared mobility. Or don’t travel – but work from home.
Making these forms of transport attractive requires a mobility system that is competitive with the car. To what extent does shared mobility compete with the car? And is shared mobility an alternative for everyone?

2. Shared mobility for all

How can we make shared mobility accessible to everyone? The commercial offer of shared mobility is growing. It is expected that some large providers will remain, but what about the ‘bottom-up’ initiatives? There are more and more people who do not need their car on a daily basis and want to share it with others. There are also more and more groups of people who buy a shared car together. What can we do to strengthen this development? How can we make it easier to share cars with each other? Solutions are needed to be able to reserve and open cars, but also to automate administration and invoicing.

Extensive challenge information and links to data and information here.

Prizes are € 1500 in cash!

1st prize: € 750
2nd prize: € 500

3rd prize: € 250
Goodie bags for all! 

Participate and join this endeavor to explore, build and hack together with fellow engineers, designers, artists, entrepreneurs, professionals, students.
Free drinks (lots of coffee), healthy lunches and nutritious dinner.

Boldly go where no one has gone before!

Register to take part

Register free as an individual (teams are allowed) to claim your seat and share your competencies here.

Program Saturday October 8:

  • 10:00 Introduction theme and challenges
  • 11:00 Concepts & team clustering
  • 12:00 Preliminary hacking
  • 13:00 Project pitches / lunch @ Cyklist
  • 14:00 Continued hacking
  • 16:00 Lightning talk
  • 18:00 Eat (buffet Cyclist), drink, hack, sleep

Program Sunday October 9:

  • 10:00 Prolonged hacking
  • 13:00 Eat, drink, hack
  • 16:00 Prototype presentations PITCHES!!
  • 17:00 Jury verdict. Prize ceremony & drinks


Harmen van Wijk – Dutch Blockchain Coalition
Merien ten Houten – Amber
Alwin Bakker – The Future Mobility Network
Chair: TBA


Program is 32 hours – from Sat 10am till Sun 6pm
If you want to work through the night that’s fine.
Successful teams often have a variety of skills from concept to prototype and from design to programming.

Calling all veteran and virgin hackathon participants to be part of this weekend extravaganza of creative smartness. Data is the lubricant for society?

Register free:
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