Hacking Food Systems

Date: 11 December 2022

Location: Stadslab Eindhoven – Gasfabriek 6 (NRE)

A collaboration between Hyperburgers, the project of social designer Francesca Tambussi, and MAD Emergent Art Center, this food-themed hackaton wants to bring together the creatives of Eindhoven for a day around the many possibilities around food as an urban commons.

Kickoff Scenario

Imagine a near future food-hub in the center of Eindhoven where once crossed the entrance door you’re not an individual customer anymore but a fellow maker, citizen, and researcher. In which area or department of this new space would you invest your hard and soft skills so that it slowly becomes a beloved place of collective care?

Would you start the rooftop green- house? Would it be connected with that odd aquaponic system I peaked outside? Is that biowaste fuel? Ohh look at such curious food shelves. Ah! There’s a dishwasher using infra-reds and coffee ground! That room looks like a small parliament.. for decision making processes and glocal politics. Wow, that was inspiring and a bit intense, I’m hungry now.. Let me go and see the open kitchen, where a team made lunch with ancient seeds and leftovers, right, and the greens from the roof… Hey, that was delicious, thank you, here’s my donation. Uh, you also have your currency? it’s crypto but physical too, and made with heat-pressed plastic food packaging. Mmh true, If there’s one thing we will never toss away, it is money…


11:00 Coffeeee
11:15 Introducing teams, coaches and jury
11:30 Start!
18:00 Stop! Presentations and prizes
19:00 Free dinner for all participants, friends and freeloaders


Participation is free of charges. Whether you want to register alone or with a team, each participant gets a personal ticket via eventbrite here.


What’s a hackaton?

A hackaton is a portmanteau of the words hacking and marathon. Hence, it is a marathon for hackers. Typically, the word “hacker” is used to describe coders and programmers who break into informatic systems, but in a broader sense this term can refer to any creative, maker, artist, designer, thinker who “enjoys the intellectual challenge of creatively overcoming the limitations of systems”. Therefore, hackatons are social events that usually extend to 1 or 2 days, which challenge small teams of participants to compete in a design sprint. The outcome can include a concept, a digital and/or physical prototype, and frontal presentation of the idea.

Is this a cooking contest?

No! You will be hosted in a makers space, not a kichen! The event is in the style of traditional hackatons, so you can present concepts and ideas in the form of digital presentations and physical mockups. Organic material can but doesn’t have to be part of your prototype.

How will the winners be appointed?

Each team will pitch the jury at the end of the day with a frontal presentation. The jury will then retreat to choose the winner. A small ceremony will be held before dinner!