Food Hackathon – results

On November 3 and 4, 2023, Stadslab Eindhoven became a vibrant pressure cooker for developing new and surprising solutions for challenges in the world of food.

Tasty, healthy, balanced and nutritious. Fuel for fit people as well as frying ones. In short, our food. We eat several times a day, but we don’t always think about what we’re exactly eating. Where it comes from, what is actually in it, how it grows and blooms, how it is prepared and what is wasted. The system of our food supply ‘from farm to fork’ is starting to crackle, forcing us to make more conscious choices. Choices about the effects of our diet on us and our living environment.

Photo album Food Hackathon Eindhoven


The hackathon started with four challenges:

  • How can we motivate residents of Eindhoven, especially the low income households, to eat healthier? 
  • How can we ensure that sports canteens in Eindhoven offer a healthier range of food and drinks? 
  • How can food manufacturers adapt their products to be healthier? 
  • How do we make young people resilient to food hypes from nutritional gurus and food influencers? 

Introduction page with challenges, data links and jury

Presented solutions


Eat healthy food in a smart way

by team Healthy Habits

One-minute Pitch

Team Healthy Habits: Amanda, Gaaurav and Karla (not on photo) together with jury member Petruschka Claassens (left).


Clever Canteen Creations

by team EatD

One-minute Pitch

Team EatD: Camille, Merel, Sem (in no particular order).


Veggie Mama

by team Veggie Mama

One-minute Pitch

Team Veggie Mama: Josh and Maria (right to left). The time stamp is accurate.


Evaluation of Nutrition Value

by team Nutri-Seekers

One-minute Pitch


eat like a pro

by team wrap

One-minute Pitch