Citizen Data Hackathon

making tools for curious people – learning to dance with data

Date: 5-6 March 2022

Location: Stadslab Eindhoven – Gasfabriek 6 (NRE)

Help Citizens observe, research & develop:
– Participation in the digital realm 
– Creative sustainable transitions in circularity
– Cultural futures for everybody

Winning concepts

First Prize – Geef Je Wat

Geef Je Wat (GJW) is a street totem that connects you to everything your neighborhood is willing to share, both material and immaterial.

It consists of a wifi antenna powered by a raspberry pi that doesn’t connect you to the whole internet, but to a single website containing a list of simple classified ads.
Every entry includes (first) name, the things to share (both offered and wanted), and a contact (which can vary from phone, email, doorbell, or even a place and a time).
Citizens can write their entry directly on the site.
And by pressing a red button on the totem they can print the latest ads in the form of a ticket receipt to bring home and read.

Why should you appropriate this idea and  place a GJW point in your neighborhood?
1) Because the internet connects you to the whole world, but not to your neighbors.
2) The internet is also incredibly wasteful: the ad to sell your bike will travel all the way to datacenters and the post will take up storage space for a long time. GJW is low-tech, low-cost and solar-powered!
3) GJW is also privacy friendly: no need to create an account, your data stays local and gets deleted a week after it’s uploaded. We also bet that trolling is less of a temptation when you can be seen.
4) Let’s not forget that not everyone has access to technology: with the printer, you can read the newspaper even if you don’t own a smartphone.
5) It limits consumption and waste by facilitating practices of commoning 
6) GJW doesn’t come in a package:  the community can be creative in building the totem with up-cycled materials! 
7) Last but not least, it fosters company and solidarity in such times of isolation and loneliness.

Team The Void
Francesca Tambussi, Marie Verdeil, Leo Bakx, Jasper Eikmeier.

Second Prize – Double Beat

Designer: Tino Yu

contact: Instagram: littlefishtino, Facebook: Tino Yu


Program 5-6 March:

Concepts, challenges, prizes and jury.

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This hackathon was produced by MAD emergent art center with kind support from Eindhoven City.