Citizen Data Hackathon Program

making tools for curious people – learning to dance with data

Date: 5-6 March 2022

Location: Stadslab Eindhoven – Gasfabriek 6 (NRE)

Help Citizens observe, research & develop:
– Participation in the digital realm 
– Creative sustainable transitions in circularity
– Cultural futures for everybody


Can you think of AR to improve neighborhood safety, or a social app to share resources? Or make a local network for optimal human connectivity, or pimp you bike for data transport?
Creative concepts and smart applications is what we expect to see at the end of this Hackathon. And you can contribute to make this a life-changing experience!
Experts and coaches present and explain how data can be implemented to make your ideas a reality.


At the start of the Hackathon challenges and pitches are presented. Any participant may pitch their idea or challenge.

Preliminary list of challenges:
Buurtkijker (community watching)
Uban Mining in Eindhoven (circular concept)
Data Walk – Pixel People
– Speculative provacatype (open call)
All challenges will be listed here.

Boldly go where no one has gone before!

Prizes are € 1000 in cash!

1st prize: € 600
2nd prize: € 400

Goodie bags for all 🙂

Participate and join this endeavor to explore, build and hack together with fellow engineers, designers, artists, entrepreneurs, professionals, students.
Free drinks (lots of coffee), lunches and buffet.


Check here for the chair and jury.

Register free as an individual (teams are allowed) to claim your seat and share your competencies here.

Program Saturday March 5:

  • 10:00 Introduction theme and challenges
  • 11:00 Concepts & team clustering
  • 12:00 Preliminary hacking
  • 13:00 Project pitches / lunch @ Cyklist
  • 14:00 Continued hacking
  • 16:00 Lightning talk
  • 18:00 Eat (buffet Cyclist), drink, hack, sleep

Program Sunday March 6:

  • 10:00 Prolonged hacking
  • 13:00 Eat, drink, hack
  • 16:00 Prototype presentations
  • 17:00 Prize ceremony, official opening Stadslab & drinks

Program is 32 hours – from Sat 10am till Sun 6pm
If you want to work through the night that’s fine.
Successful teams often have a variety of skills from concept to prototype and from design to programming.

Calling all veteran and virgin hackathon participants to be part of this weekend extravaganza of creative smartness. Data is the coffee for society?

Register free:
complete this form


Examples of Tools for Citizen Data:

Digital Social Innovation Ideas Bank (PDF 4 MB)
Citizen Data Lab addressing local issues through participatory data practices
The Copenhagen Wheel bike wheel with sensors
Roadbounce detector register holes in the road
Aireas Air measurement real time sensor data

quantum, blockchain and metaverse
zero, commons and permaculture


Looking for the goal?
Hackathons: are for creative discoveries of solutions, are for developing free explorations of possibilities, are happening in the front-end of innovation processes.
Citizen Data Hackathon: is for finding new ways to connect people and data in urban context.

Who came up with this idea and would like solutions and why?
MAD emergent art center is an independent art/science lab, carving pathways to future society. We want to contribute to democratizing technology for all;
City of Eindhoven is driven to develop a fair, safe and participatory society where digital is supporting quality of life.

Why should I spend my time on this as a student, what do I contribute to?
Students can help developing solutions that make society better and create probes that can invoke sparks of innovations.

What am I learning?
In this hackathon students and young professionals learn to collaborate outside of their own domain; learn to cope with a fierce team competition in a challenging sprint; learn to have a fun experience and personal reward while working on the top of your ability.

Who do I get to know?
Multi-disciplined teams are comprised of smart and curious designers, coders, artists, architects, urban developers, sociologists, entrepreneurs, marketeers…

What happens to the results and who owns them?
The ownership of all products, concepts and data created during this hackathon remains with the creators.
Presentations and publications are creative commons:

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

What should I be able to do to participate, what substantive skills or personal characteristics do I need?
To join the hackathon a curious and creative mindset is helping to make this a great experience. Any skill or competency you can bring is welcome. As a team you are a strong force adding up everybody’s contribution.

When should I not participate?
We have little restrictions for participation. You should be 16 y at least, and have the ambition to join us for two days. Not speaking English may be a challenge. We are an inclusive event.

What is the ‘Lightning talk’ and who is talking?
We want to inject amazing energy and inspiration into this group and invite key players in people data to give Lightning talks and introduction. Names are to be announced shortly.

Who is the jury?
The prizes are presented by the Alderman of Eindhoven for economy and innovation: Stijn Steenbakkers.
The jury consists of professionals from high tech industry, government, knowledge institutes, creative industry. They are Margot Nijkamp-Diesfeldt, Edwin Blok – van Enck, Bart Wernaart: Check here for the chair and jury members.

Skills listing

[this is what participants have submitted]
Visual thinking, human-centric design, out of the box thinking, presentation, Social driven, behavioral interpreter, large network, blockchain, organizing, logistics, e-health, food, vitality, Brainport, development, security, programming, Problem solving, ICT, maths, Sensorial installations, communication design, social design, video making, cooking, data science, machine learning, python, arduino, 3D-print, linux, sensing, architecture, VR/AR/3DR, healthcare, watermanagement, marketing, sales, innovation, growth hacking, software development, electronics, Design thinking, Improvisation theatre, story telling, trainer, facilitator, communication, Technical Service, Design, UXDesign, IOT, Analytisch, team player, communication, empathy, computers,IT, Organization, knowledge, Python, mathematics, teamwork, Python, data science, applied mathematics, operations research, designing code, Logical thinking mathematician, data, data, data, Data Science, Machine Learning, Machine learning, Python, Data mining, Data Science pipeline, Data Visualization, Python, team management, prototyping (design), brainstorming, creative coding, ideas generator, social animal, problem solver, sense of humor, upcycling, disruption, designer-whispering, feral gardening, data wrangling

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