Challenges – preliminary list

– Buurtkijker 
(community watching)

Challenge: explore ways how to make the BuurtKijker useful for citizens.
Presenter: Shintō Labs

– Urban Mining in Eindhoven
(circular concept)

Challenge: How can citizens share, collect and use data for re-use.
Presenter 1: Joeri Wissink – On the basis of a case with regard to waste problems in Eindhoven, he takes the participants in a bird’s eye view of different sources: including the Residents Survey, the Open Data portal and the BuurtKijker.
Presenter 2: René Paré
Links: – Open data City Eindhoven
Afvalbakken / Waste bins- Open Data Portal
Ondergrondse Afvalcontainers (Milieupas) / Waste containers – Open Data Portal
Cure Milieupas (per adres/huishouden) / waste card
Ophaaldagen Cure Afvalkalender (postcodes)/ Pick up days
Urban Mine Platform data publication

– Data Walk / Pixel People

Playful discovery of layers of digital reality.

Two Eindhoven data walk applications have been developed:

Pixel People – an adventurous tour finding information points

Data Walk Eindhoven – discover the data layer in public space.

What next level data walk/urban game can be imagined – can we hack the space that surrounds us?

Pixel People >

Data Routes Eindhoven >

– Speculative provacatype
(open call)

Challenge: create and submit a provacatype (provocative+prototype) based on one of the speculative scenarios in this open call.
Presenter: The Learning Community Urban Interaction Design at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences 
Links: Speculative scenarios