Connected Learning

Connected Learning

Stadslab Eindhoven presented Connected Learning and the Open Badges system to Makers.

Discovering new ways of learning, such as combining local and digital experiences

through playlists, digital Open Badges – issue and earn – to value and recognize

development and performance.

Open badge is a digitally verified credential consisting of images and metadata

encoded in it. Anyone can earn badges based on the criteria defined by the knowledge

providers. Badges can be viewed on a dashboard and shared anywhere online.

Various speakers told about Connected Learning and the Open Badges system and

concrete applications inside and outside education and at voluntary organizations.

In the last part there was a room for Q&A and discussion.

Speakers and Presentations

Connected Learning & Open Badges
Sandra van de Kraak – Dutch Cities of Learning by Breakthrough

Dealing with today’s challenges requires problem solvers who offer different

perspectives and are willing to take risks.

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Open Badges in practice in learning situations with youth
Jorg Duitsman – passionate for education, technology and maker education
Engineering teacher Summa College – Mechatronics and International

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Education perspectives for everyone
Kitty Knibbe – Talent coach / Soil for Seed & Soul

Every living being has his own purpose. We like to take care of our edible forest
and prepare good soil so everything & everyone can spark.

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Recognition and playlist in volunteer organisation
Nerijus Kriauciunas – Nectarus – Lithuania

Digital Generation Youth project connects South Africa, Nigeria, the Netherlands
and Lithuania for sharing our best practices in digital literacy education and
provides solutions for recognition of non-formal skills.


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Links in the Chat

A lot of information was shared during the meetup by speakers and

attendees. We have collected everything and listed it below:

Cities of Learning

Open Badges and Blockchain

LKCAtelier: Learning ecosystem and creative education in Eindhoven

Cities of Learning, YouTube videos

Open Badges and Blockchain 2

Mozilla festival with a topic Youth co-design BEFRIEND THE MACHINES awareness campaign

Cities of Learning: Connecting diverse learning opportunities

Early Innovators Camp

Brainport Region of Learning

Cities of Learning Course

She Creates Camp

Training about recognition and Open Badges

Cities of Learning Course 2


Moodle, Open Badges

WHAT COUNTS AS LEARNING Open Digital Badges for New Opportunities