Form Follows Function Follows Form

26-5-2024 – Baltan Laboratories, an indisciplinary lab based in Eindhoven is here with its first chapter of ‘Objects in Residence’ with the workshop titled ‘Form Follows Function Follows Form’ by artist Thomas Thwaites.

Hosted by Baltan Laboratories, artist Thomas Thwaites, photo credits Barbara Medo.

Technologies Otherwise:

Thomas Thwaites is one of the three artists of the Object-in-Residence trajectory, part of the Materiality of Technology strand of our 2024 Technologies Otherwise program. Starting from a specific technological “object” (in the broader sense of the term), we invited artists/designers to take it apart, materialise/ visualise how it works, analyse how it is produced and assembled, what materials are chosen and where they come from. In this way, we can situate our approach and make it specific, and from that specificity, we can tackle the more general questions we address with the whole Technologies Otherwise program.

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