TecTalk – Talking Trees

Meetup Thursday March 7 – 19:30 – free.

Bert Barten is a theatre director, a composer, an entrepreneur and experience builder. You might call Barten a true Renaissance Man. His gift is for integrating multiple art forms.

He and other enthousiasts developed special tools to measure the sap stream, the valid organic compounds, moisture and photosynthesis on trees. These signals are transferred into synthesizers. This data can be translated to notes, midi- and analog signals. A diversity of artists and instruments can plug-in and act as a interface between nature and performance.

This can either happen live with the artists responding to the real-time output of a tree. Or with long-term collected data from trees worldwide.

Program Thursday 7 March

19:30 doors open

20:00 interactive presentation with demonstration and interaction.

21:00 discussion and drinks

21:30 closing

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