Winnende projecten 24/7 hackathon luchtkwaliteit

During the weekend of 3rd and 4th of June, participants of the hackathon ‘24/7: The sky is NOT the limit’ accepted the challenge to take a step into improving the air quality around us. 

First step: choose sustainable transport to get to Stadslab Eindhoven. Check!

The ‘WHY’

Why is this topic relevant and what is the importance? Air is all around us. We cannot not choose to breathe, and we can’t choose to breathe a different air. Air is everywhere, and air pollution in the Netherlands shortens life by 9 months. We have to improve that!  

Start of the weekend

We started the weekend with a speech by Rik Thijs, followed by masterclasses about Schone Lucht Akkoord, data and sensors, health and citizen participation from the Municipality of Eindhoven, TNO, GGD and AiREAS. The goal was to inform, inspire and motivate.

Into action

Participants joined forces and formed groups. They chose a challenge and went to work. During the whole weekend, we had experts at Stadslab Eindhoven to answer questions and offer insights into new perspectives. 

Sunday = presenting prototypes

Sunday morning, all participants were working very hard to make their idea come to life. Before the presentation, all groups created a 1 min pitch (you can watch those here). Then, it was finally time for the presentation. What an exciting time!


The first prize went to AirTracker. An app that visualises your exposure to air pollution in combination with your behaviour, medication, transport choices, etc. Second prize went to AirAware. A multi-features app designed by and for high school students that focuses on awareness and behavioural changes. Third prize went to GLocal by Team NaKa. A dashboard that visualises data and local air pollution sources. Fourth prize went to Luchtbewust. A roadmap to citizen participation. From needs to actions.

Thanks to all participants and experts for joining this weekend! Together we have taken a step towards a better air quality.

You can view the presentations of the projects and the 1 minute pitches here!