TecTalk – Building Products for the Algorithmic Economy

Thursday July 6 – 19:30 – Stadslab Eindhoven

  • We are proud to welcome Arjan Haring (JADS partnership development manager & PhD candidate) to talk with you about the future impact of algorithms.

This Meetup is the last one till summer, TBC in September. Tickets are free – register to claim your seat here

Let’s educate a new generation of DeGrowth Hackers

Arjan Haring

There is a lot of talk of a New Economics that is needed to keep our planet liveable and society flourishing. Parallel to these developments the Old Economy is turning into a Data Economy, and I’d argue we are moving fast to become an Algorithmic Economy.

The age of algorithms is upon us, but without a change in our thinking it will lead to the Old Economy on steroids…

Arjan Haring

In the worst case this will be the Old Economy on steroids. A better way forward seems to connect the emerging New Economics with Algorithms in a conscious manner.

With 15+ years hands-on experience in the datafication of our economy I’ll share some of my reflections so far and potential ways of combining AI and the New Economy.

Arjan has worked on the interface of data science and behavioral science since the mid 00s. He consulted at Cap Gemini, founded Haring Institute of Happiness, co-founded Science Rockstars, ran experiments at Booking.com, and helped launch Jheronimus Academy of Data Science.

He is currently partner at the product design agency Seldon Digital & cofounder of sustainable food startup Jars.
Arjan is firmly rooted in Utrecht, the Netherlands, as well as Pärnu, the summer capital of Estonia.

Program Thursday July 6

19:30 walk-in

20:00 introduction

20:10 interactive presentation

21:00 discussion and drinks

22:00 end

Tickets are free – register to claim your seat here

Stadslab Eindhoven address

Gasfabriek 6 Eindhoven

NRE Campus – Erfgoedhuis