TecTalk Design public space for happiness

Thursday Juni 1 – 19:30 – Stadslab Eindhoven

Lighting designer Ellen de Vries and Urban architect Gudule Martens work together with the theme: can you measure happiness in public space.

“Presentation on citizen participation, lighting, VR and neuro feedback. We describe a new way of working that makes the city more inclusive and more safe.”

(Presentatie over bewonersparticipatie, verlichting, VR en neurofeedback. We beschrijven een nieuwe manier van werken die de stad inclusiever en veiliger maakt.)

Various projects indicate that the design of the environment has a greater influence than we thought.

Be surprised by the knowledge and experience you will receive here, and share your own experiences with this.

Tickets are free – register to claim your seat here

Program Thursday June 1:

19:30 walk-in

20:00 introduction

20:10 interactive presentation

21:00 discussion and drinks

22:00 end